Friday, March 11, 2011

Favorite Things! Emma Pillsbury!

This is only my second favorite things post...and i just couldn't resist making it about the darling Emma Pillsbury of Glee...she is such a cute character and I LOVE her clothes and jewelry...SHE is the reason I have become a GLEEK!

So I discovered this blog the other day and it is so so fun...wanted to share it with you today as a new favorite place I visit! They have fabulous clothes challenges and they point out where you can buy some of the best of Emma's wardrobe...and jewelry! :)

What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?

how about you? Are there any Emma fans out there that follow the Fiddlette Designs blog? :)

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  1. Oh Fiddlette - I LURVE Emma and LURVE Glee full stop! :-)))