Monday, November 1, 2010

Four Freebies in honor of new kit with Aja Abney!

For information on how to download this freebie, plus THREE others that coordinate with the brand new kit, Imagine Childhood created by me, Fiddlette Designs, and Aja Abney available at CatScrap and on sale NOW...scroll to the bottom of the next post! :)

1 comment:

  1. wOw to this!!!!!
    I came here looking for your Facebook link so I can tag you.
    You are amazing, my designer number 1 in my Top Favourites list!!!!!!
    in a time in which there is so much CU stuff, so much of designers repeating themselves and lack of creativity (to be honest, some people think that knowing how to use PS and putting three circles together will make a chicken and call themselves designers) you are a breath of fresh air, I m spending my money in you with pleasure....on top of that, you visit the pages, leave great comments....which cannot ve said for most of the other designers at the store there...(I also bought a lot from Ju Kneipp @ DigiScrappersBrasil and never heard from her...) I know is not easy, and that designing is time consuming and time is an issue, but once in a while? it wont hurt and help sales....and if talented people like you can do it, why not the others? anyway, I ll stop highjacking your blog LOL I think I ll make my own blog post with this :)